Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Secret Santa Can Suck It: My Gift

One Version of  SpaceShipTwo
What do you give a fellow Miskatonic Alumnus, who also graduated from Arkham High and also was born on October 31, 1905?  What Happy Solstice/Merry Christmas/Whatever present could I possibly give someone who is so unreservedly similar to me while, inscrutably, nothing like me at all?  

Well of course I found not one, but two appropriate gifts for PDQ!

The chance to find The Colour Out Of Space and nudge it gently to earth would be one such unimaginable unearthly gift, and amazingly, though undecipherably, one that I could actually provide if I had the cash.  Yes.  I'm talking about a round trip sub-orbital flight on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo.

One Version of the Necronomicon
Why should the well-formed, bright, uber-sexy and definitely not Virgin at all NASA Astronauts be the only folks allowed to purchase tickets to pop up to the International Space Station for a fun filled unfathomably weightless weekend?   

And what unspeakable weekend space jaunt would be complete without a responsive reading from PDQ's Brand New Copy of .... the Necronomicon!!!  Yes, PDQ will be able to raise more than the dead and the Old Ones, and might actually -- from the safety of space -- be able to wake the immortal Cthulhu from his slumbers.  While wearing a lovely red leather Cat Suit/Space Suit, I doubt seriously that PDQ will need the assistance of a book, but it never hurts.  (Or at least it wouldn't have if the book hadn't burst into flames in the Village PostMistress's hands earlier today. And I can tell you that definately smarted, particularly when the Volunteer Fire Department inserted themselves into the unholy conflagration that gave off a deep and ungodly green smoke and the unimaginably acrid odor of burning feathers, roast pork and the stench of unameable denizens of an unknowable time and place.)

Have an undoubtedly Happy if strangely disquieting Solstice/Merry Christmas/Whatever, PDQ!!!  I'll be thinking of you as I try to get out of the straight jacket just one more time.


  1. Oh wow this is delish!

    What an awesome gift!

  2. OOOOOH! OOOOOH! MY SOLSTICE RUNNETH OVER!! Yes, chewing through the restraints every morning IS a chore, but whoa! what a result. Many thankings at you. My copy of the Necronomicon had long since been nommed ;)